Steering Committee

Kimberly Cunha, Kaiser Permanente

Business Development Manager

Natasha Fernandez, Stepping Stones Growth Center

Deputy Director – Program Services

Gayle Hudson

Retired Computer Trainer

Ely Hwang, City of San Leandro

Recreation Supervisor, City of San Leandro

Paul Jackman, Fun Flicks


Arlene Lum

Retired from AT&T after 48 years

Whit Magor, K/P Corporation

Business Solutions Representative

Marguerite Mazzitti

Patricia Minnis

Community Advocate

Sarah Nash, Mills College

Derrik Oldridge, Student

Rachelle Parham, San Leandro Unified School District

Vice Principal

Gloria Smith, NorCal Kenworth

Operations Manager

Breanna Hatcher, Executive Coach and Trainer

LSL Program Director