Leadership San Leandro Steering Committee

About the Committee

The Steering Committee consists of program alumni who volunteer their time in developing and continuing the program. The committee meets once per month to brainstorm new ideas and provide guidance to the staff on program implementation.

Why Did You Join the LSL Steering Committee?

“To work with a great team committed to improving LSL.”
      Kim Cunha, Kaiser Permanente

 “To make the world a better place one leader at a time.”
      Natasha Fernandez, Stepping Stones Growth Center

“I enjoy staying connected to this group of citizens who are so dedicated to the community and who share a positive outlook.”
      Sarah Nash, Mills Community College

My Role on the Steering Committee:

 “Collaborate on identifying and developing measurable for the Leadership program.”
      Gloria Smith, NorCalKenworth

“Chairperson of the robust curriculum Committee.  My goal is to enrich the program with driven topics.”
     Gayle Hudson

What Inspires You? 

“My inspiration comes from finding the opportunity to improve anything – businesses, landscape, the world.”
     Marguerite Mazzetti

“A creating and experiencing a sense of community in San Leandro.”
      Patricia Minnis

“Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Maya Angelou’s immense contributions to the arts and civil rights movement gave me hope for the future and broadened my concept of how words, when presented with heart, soul, and intellect, can both inspire and lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.”
      Rachelle Parham, San Leandro Unified School District

Your Leadership Strengths are: 

“Strategic thinker and executor”
      Ely Hwang, City of San Leandro

“Planning, organizing, team player, positive attitude & ethical commitment.”
      Arlene Lum, AT&T (retired)

“Aiding and empowering others to find and utilize their strengths.”
      Natasha Fernandez, Stepping Stones Growth Center

If I Could Switch Places with Any Leader for One-day It Would be: 

“For a day? Ellen Degeneres. She’s funny, smart, compassionate, takes risks, isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes, is a great listener & speaker, and she meets interesting cool people!”
      Kimberley Cunha, Kaiser Permanente

“Oprah – on a day that she is at work.”
      Breanna Hatcher, LSL program director