Zero Net Energy Center

Zero Net Energy Center San Leandro CA

The Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Center is an educational facility that supports over 2,000 apprentice and journey-level electricians in Alameda County. ?The ZNE Center embraces innovative building design features and state-of-art technologies to reach zero net energy. Located in San Leandro, California, the project is a retrofit of a 1980s office building that is on […]

Drake's Brewing Company

Drakes Brewing Company San Leandro

Drakes Brewing Company is an urban craft brewery operating in San Leandro, California since 1989. Drakes brewers have set the standard for West Coast Style ales with their unflinching dedication to brewing clean, high-quality, innovative, and often unapologetically hoppy beers. They are open every day at noon and hosts many events like music bands and […]


PhaseSpace Motion Capture San Leandro

PhaseSpace Inc. was founded in 1994 with the mission of developing new technologies and products for emerging motion tracking markets. Drawing upon the talents of a strong team of scientists and engineers from diverse technical backgrounds, PhaseSpace has developed motion capture solutions for the research, industrial and graphic arts communities. Using active LED markers and […]

Good Health with a Cherry on Top

San Leandro Marina Sign

Living a healthy lifestyle keeps getting easier and easier in San Leandro? From outdoor activities and fitness centers to nutritious food options and access to medical care, the cherry city is certainly on the right track for a better tomorrow. Marina Park, for instance, has many activities to offer residents and visitors of all ages. […]