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The world economy is transforming beyond measure, shifting entire nations and cities towards high growth areas and opportunities. San Leandro, and our initiative to transform ourselves into a center for innovation and technology has a special place in this global and national shift.

With 25% of our city being industrial and commercial space, with predominant focus on advanced manufacturing, spotlights a unique opportunity for our city to become a Maker City. This culture of making that is coming back to America is incubating a completely new generation of innovators and creators with growing impact on our K-12, community college and higher education institutions. So what does this mean for San Leandro?

In alignment with the statewide Career Pathway Initiatives (SB1070), demands from our cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing employers, and partnership among our cross-sectors of government, industry and education, we have launched our work-based learning program this Summer 2015. With over 15+ employers and 25+ students participating this year, we have designed a program that has a place for any employer that sees the value of investing in our local talent. In addition to our standard high-impact internships, we have also designed a new and innovative program piloted this Summer called the Cyclic Internship. In this program, we were able to have (8) students experience a one-month long program that cycles a pair of student to (4) high growth industry employers with mentorship from managers in (10) unique career roles. Employers in this program in particular included OSIsoft, Kaiser Permanente, City of San Leandro, Scandic Springs, Applied Fusion and Methods Machine. For those employers who want to maximize their investment in their human resource pool, while effectively using their management resources, this was the program for them. While we had students cycle through weeklong internships with each employer, each employer were suggested to have a different managing supervisor for the students in each day. This dramatically increased employer willingness as each managing supervisor were only responsible for a pair of students once a week. Meanwhile, students were able to explore their own curiosities by experiencing a greater variety of high growth industries with mentorship from a spectrum of perspectives.

Below is the complete list of employers whom participated in this years program,

Cyclic Internship
Kaiser Permanente
City of San Leandro
Scandic Springs
Applied Fusion
Methods Machine

Standard High-Impact Internship
Type A Machines 3D Printers
Mind 2 Matter 3D Printing Services
Soundfit 3D Scanning
Sencillo Integrations
Pacific Farms
Bal Theatre
Thrifty Medical Supply
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

Thanks to the San Leandro Board of Education, we have now approved this internship program as a for-credit course at San Leandro High School. We will now be offering this program during the school year, in addition to the Summer. If you are an employer looking to contribute to our next generation talent development by investing your time in an internship, please contact Derick Lee at or call (510) 676-5861.

For San Leandro Unified School District administrator, please contact Joanne Clark at or (510) 667-3552.

For questions about industry partnerships and opportunities, please contact the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce at or (510) 317-1400.