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Preparing the Next Generation of Innovators

San Leandro Students

The world economy is transforming beyond measure, shifting entire nations and cities towards high growth areas and opportunities. San Leandro, and our initiative to transform ourselves into a center for innovation and technology has a special place in this global and national shift.

With 25% of our city being industrial and commercial space, with predominant focus on advanced manufacturing, spotlights a unique opportunity for our city to become a Maker City. This culture of making that is coming back to America is incubating a completely new generation of innovators and creators with growing impact on our K-12, community college and higher education institutions. So what does this mean for San Leandro?

In alignment with the statewide Career Pathway Initiatives (SB1070), demands from our cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing employers, and partnership among our cross-sectors of government, industry and education, we have launched our work-based learning program this Summer 2015. With over 15+ employers and 25+ students participating this year, we have designed a program that has a place for any employer that sees the value of investing in our local talent. In addition to our standard high-impact internships, we have also designed a new and innovative program piloted this Summer called the Cyclic Internship. In this program, we were able to have (8) students experience a one-month long program that cycles a pair of student to (4) high growth industry employers with mentorship from managers in (10) unique career roles. Employers in this program in particular included OSIsoft, Kaiser Permanente, City of San Leandro, Scandic Springs, Applied Fusion and Methods Machine. For those employers who want to maximize their investment in their human resource pool, while effectively using their management resources, this was the program for them. While we had students cycle through weeklong internships with each employer, each employer were suggested to have a different managing supervisor for the students in each day. This dramatically increased employer willingness as each managing supervisor were only responsible for a pair of students once a week. Meanwhile, students were able to explore their own curiosities by experiencing a greater variety of high growth industries with mentorship from a spectrum of perspectives.

Below is the complete list of employers whom participated in this years program,

Cyclic Internship
Kaiser Permanente
City of San Leandro
Scandic Springs
Applied Fusion
Methods Machine

Standard High-Impact Internship
Type A Machines 3D Printers
Mind 2 Matter 3D Printing Services
Soundfit 3D Scanning
Sencillo Integrations
Pacific Farms
Bal Theatre
Thrifty Medical Supply
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

Thanks to the San Leandro Board of Education, we have now approved this internship program as a for-credit course at San Leandro High School. We will now be offering this program during the school year, in addition to the Summer. If you are an employer looking to contribute to our next generation talent development by investing your time in an internship, please contact Derick Lee at or call (510) 676-5861.

For San Leandro Unified School District administrator, please contact Joanne Clark at or (510) 667-3552.

For questions about industry partnerships and opportunities, please contact the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce at or (510) 317-1400.

Prototyping the Future

The story of one of the most diverse cities in the nation, San Leandro, California, where the installation of a gigabit fiber optic network has sparked a chain reaction leading to the citys transformation into a new center for innovation and technology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Leandro Chamber Connects

Ribbon Cutting Rubianos San Leandro

As San Leandro’s leading business organization that connects businesses with each other and supports economic development and revitalization, the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce also speaks out on important issues that affect businesses and encourages community engagement? The membership ranges from small, family-owned businesses to large industrial companies. They all share a common understanding: improving the business climate is key to our future economic prosperity throughout the community.

All year round, the Chamber of Commerce serves as a premiere resource for business referrals to residents, visitors and other businesses? We also produce events and programs that inform, educate and entertain the business community, community leadership, residents and students? If you are starting a business in San Leandro, get connected with the San Leandro Chamber!? You will soon know who, what and when of San Leandro.

Zero Net Energy Center

Zero Net Energy Center San Leandro CA

The Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Center is an educational facility that supports over 2,000 apprentice and journey-level electricians in Alameda County. ?The ZNE Center embraces innovative building design features and state-of-art technologies to reach zero net energy. Located in San Leandro, California, the project is a retrofit of a 1980s office building that is on track to achieve zero net energy. Once complete, the 46,000 sq. ft ZNE Center will be a leader in the zero energy industry as one of the largest zero energy buildings in California and in the U.S. For more information, please visit their website at

Drake’s Brewing Company

Drakes Brewing Company San Leandro

Drakes Brewing Company is an urban craft brewery operating in San Leandro, California since 1989. Drakes brewers have set the standard for West Coast Style ales with their unflinching dedication to brewing clean, high-quality, innovative, and often unapologetically hoppy beers. They are open every day at noon and hosts many events like music bands and guest food trucks. Drakes also offers brewery tours that demonstrate how to exquisitely prepare their beers. For more information, please visit their website at


PhaseSpace Motion Capture San Leandro

PhaseSpace Inc. was founded in 1994 with the mission of developing new technologies and products for emerging motion tracking markets. Drawing upon the talents of a strong team of scientists and engineers from diverse technical backgrounds, PhaseSpace has developed motion capture solutions for the research, industrial and graphic arts communities. Using active LED markers and advanced software, PhaseSpace systems provide highly accurate data in real-time. To see previous projects that they have done, please visit their website at

Good Health with a Cherry on Top

San Leandro Marina Sign

Living a healthy lifestyle keeps getting easier and easier in San Leandro? From outdoor activities and fitness centers to nutritious food options and access to medical care, the cherry city is certainly on the right track for a better tomorrow.

Marina Park

Marina Park, for instance, has many activities to offer residents and visitors of all ages. On any given day, youll find people strolling, running, cycling, and walking their dogs along the various paths. You might even stumble upon a race in progress, like Stepping Stones and its Every Step Counts walk and run. For those trying to burn a few extra calories, exercise stations are located at intervals along the loop overlooking the water.? Its not uncommon to spot a soccer game in progress on the large grassy area or people taking advantage of the volleyball court. Meanwhile, kids can play on the swings, slides, and other equipment in two different areas. And thanks to last years renovations, several nice picnic areas are available for rent, providing a pretty backdrop to a family BBQ, birthday party, or outdoor work function.

For health care, San Leandro now has two major hospitals, as well as a long-term care hospital.? After years of collective worries that San Leandro Hospital would close, Alameda Health System took ownership in October 2013.? Thanks to new investments, the hospital can extend a 24-hour emergency department, critical care, crisis counseling, spiritual care, and infectious disease service, among others. Happy to continue its long history of serving the needs of our community, the hospital also plans to expand and add more programs.

New to town this summer is Kaiser Permanentes San Leandro Medical Center. Making the most of technology, the sleek facility features interactive touch screens and keyboards that allow patients to choose their meals and view upcoming tests. Kaiser also provides advice and classes to promote healthy eating and exercise and will create an online plan for patients who take their health assessment. In addition, the weekly farmers market is a nice addition to the other two in town.

In addition, Kindred Hospital fills a need for patients who have cause for extensive recovery time. Patients and their families are treated with respect and comfort. Physicians and clinicians monitor progress in pulmonary care, dialysis, wound care, ICU, rehabilitation, pain management, and other transitional care. A nice touch is Kindreds Kaleidoscope, which includes writing, art, and photography submitted by patients and residents.

The three facilities and Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley not only provide health care for residents of San Leandro and neighboring areas, they also supply thousands of jobs for people in our community.? These businesses, combined with the Marina, a range of fitness centers, golf course, and other endeavors in town, demonstrate that our need and desire to stay healthy also leads to a favorable economy for our city.

Written by Farley Walker, a marketing and communications consultant and graduate of Leadership San Leandro. She can be contacted by email.